OK, so Robin and I were out looking for a good Ruben Sandwich – you know, with the right Russian Dressing, and not Thousand Island dressing, and a good Jewish Rye toasted bread. Good luck. But we are on the trail of one. It’s just not open on Sunday or Mondays. Look for us on Wednesday. We will be there with a Reuben Sandwich on our minds! It comes rated by Behind The Menu.

Since we didn’t find the Reuben Sandwich, we stopped in at the local Oriental Market. That sounds like a good switch. It was. Just more expensive. But, we are still hungry. So we decided on the Pizzalchik on Gary Lane at State Street. If you go to Our Review Page, and scroll down, you will find the link to Pizzalchik. Read the review, and then visit the restaurant. Their chicken is awesome. Their salads are such a blend of flavors! They are awesome! I have had their pizza and it is wonderful – build your own with fresh ingredients. All types of some very super micro brewery and IPA beers on tap. Wines from all over and sodas. I urge you to give it a try. Let them know we sent you. Here is a link to more information – PizzalChik on Urbanspoon Cheers!