The Malaysian Curry Dinner on 17 July presented by Chef Derek Selbo was a good event. This was our first time at one of his events and the crowd looked like a good one, about 65 people. My only comment is that this curry was a sweet curry and I did not expect this. Neither did one other individual at our table. It was good, nonetheless. What I was expecting was more along the lines of a Punjab or Bombay style curry, which has more cumin and turmeric in it than the Malaysian. On the other hand, the Malaysian is a lot more fruitier. I guess just personal preference and what you were first exposed to. (My first exposure to East Indian curry was in New Delhi in the mid 1950’s) One thing that really impressed me was the diversity of the crowd. See the photo of the folks at our table. The wines were varied as everyone who wanted to, brought a bottle. We took a bottle of 1998 Rose Creek Johannesburg Riesling and a 2007 Estencia Pinot Grigio. Enjoy the photos!

Chef Derek Selbo

Some of the crowd.

Curried Hard Boiled Eggs and Nam.

Saltine with Cream Cheese and Pickle and Strawberry Jam, Stuffed Celery, Chutney and Nam

Chicken Curry, Coconut, Tomato Relish, Bananas and Rice

At our table: Robin, Frank, Suzy, Claire (England) and Marcia (Tobago).

The moon rises between the trees and the end of a good dinner and good company.