On 24 July we had a Forgeron Wine Dinner at the Buzz. Like I said in another blog post, I think all we did all weekend is eat and have a glass of wine or a Hendrick’s Gin and Tonic, whatever the situation called for.

All of the dinners/events were definitely fun and generally good! This wine dinner at the Buzz was a quarterly dinner – a very special event each quarter. There were some empty seats, so if you were not there, you could have been.

Here are the photos of the evening. The wines we had are also listed, with my score in (score). Just one thing to note: I messed up and did not photograph the Gazpacho Nuevo, a really delicious cold dish with cream, cucumber, water cress and some other things. So sorry!

Taco Circles

Taco Circles

Salmon Snow Peas
Sweet and Sour Sausage Kabob

Old Bay Grilled Shrimp
Wine: 2005 Forgeron Syrah 12.5% (18) $27.00

OK. The Gazpacho Nuevo should have gone in here!
Wine (With the Gazpacho): NV Walldeaux Smithie Red 14.1% (19) $18.00
The best wine – in my opinion – of the night!

Painted Desert Roasted Salad
Wine: 2007 Walldette White 14.1% (17) $17.00

Summer Fruit Chutney
BBQ Black and White Beans
Wine: 2005 Forgeron
14.2% (17) $32.00

Pear Zinfandel Ice
Berry Chocolate Meringue
Wine: 2005 Forgeron
Cabernet 14.2% (16 – The nose on this was all alcohol) $27.00

Bailey – The Bell of the Ball!

See you at the next Buzz event!!!