This time of year, summer is in full swing in Boise, the Boise City Market thrives with participation from both the vendors and the visitors. And, if you look at the photos below, a certain amount of color and beauty. I think I heard somewhere that about 10,000 people visit the Market each Saturday. The photo to the left is an overview of the Market … Well one small section, at least.

The Market now covers a much larger area then they did at the beginning of the season and they have even blocked one intersection for the safety of the people walking. It is good to see that the City of Boise allows this type of activity to take place, even if it does mean that a large section of downtown Boise is for “pedestrians only” each Saturday morning.

Fresh beans and squash are among some of the produce offered.

Many varieties of lettuce are available for that salad tonight!

Fresh beets, turnips and cucumbers can make an enjoyable dinner or salad.

Fresh tomatoes, cabbage, Swiss chard, kale, carrots and turnips!

Hope you make it down to the Boise Saturday Market and support our local farmers in their endeavor to bring us the freshest and most delightful products. Vegetables are not the only thing available: Try some elk, lamb, beef, buffalo, chicken, eggs, fruits, honey, artisan breads, fresh cut flowers, plants and a variety of “take out” dinners. I know I have missed some items, but right now I’m hungry! Probably going to do a Leg of Lamb with Sauteed Chard and Onions.