Every once in a while, I say, “Let’s not have chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and peas for Sunday dinner.” And Robin will usually say, “OK. What do you want?” So today – actually yesterday I said, “How about a leg of lamb, some Swiss chard, fresh bread and a fresh salad?” “OK”, says, Robin. Marnie and Mac are away for the weekend, so I asked Robin if we could ask Chris and Maddie for dinner. They accepted!! Maddie has never eaten lamb, though. I let her know that it is OK to say you don’t like something …. You just have to say what it is you don’t like and why. So now I have to make sure that there is no “wild and gamey” taste in the lamb, but still not cooked to death! 160 degrees off the grill will be fine. Hmmmm. “Off the grill.” Maddie said she liked it and took another slice. So here we go! Enjoy the dinner … Chris and Maddie did! But then, so did we!

Grandson Chris and Maddie.

Grilled Lamb
Marinated 24 hours in
Olive oil, Crushed Mint, Whole Grain Mustard, Gin and Herbs

Nasturtium Salad with Fresh Greens, Tomato and Nasturtium Blossom
Nasturtium Infused Vinaigrette

Fresh Grain Bread
Oat Flour and Organic Oregon Whole Wheat Flour

Fresh Swiss Chard with Onion, Garlic, Basil and Young Turnip

Grilled Lamb with Mustard Gravy Reduction

Parsley Potatoes

So there you have our not-so-traditional Sunday Dinner. Serve this with a lucious 2004 Koenig Vineyards Couvée Amelia and you have an awesome dinner! Sorry you missed it! Cheers.