Once again, Robin and I were treated to a delightful evening out – Dutch Treat, of course. This time to hear the Alder St. All-Stars and The Harmed Brothers. Here are some pretty good photos of the two groups and Pizzal Chik.

Robin and Jan Beckwith – Mother to Jake Beckwith, Lead Violin of the Alder St. All-Stars.

Jan’s daughter Molly, center, and Jan. Sorry, I don’t remember the lady’s name on the left.

The Alder St All-Stars. Jake is on violin.

The fourth member of the group. Actually, if you get the chance to hear the group, they are on tour! It would be a good treat for you to hear them. A good selection of Bluegrass music and what I might classify as “Modified Bluegrass”.

And The Harmed Brothers. Their music? Light Bluegrass music with a twist of modern thrown in. Something different that seems to be appealing to all age groups, as is witnessed by the folks who were there.

Again, if you get a chance to hear this group, do so. Both groups have CD’s available.

Here is some of the crowd that was there. And of course, with good music, a good crowd and the makings of good food, we all just had to eat!

How about some fresh baked pizza?

Or a great Chicken Salad with Pickle Carrots.

Maybe a fresh House Salad.

And then as Willie would say, “Turn out the lights, The partys over …” It was a good night.