There are certain things that we all remember from, our childhoods. I will submit that most of them have to do with food. In my case, one of several food items that I remember and cherish is Corn Pie among other things such as liver, which, Like Johnny Carson said, “Cook it any way you want. It’s still liver!” But that is another discussion. For now, it’s Corn Pie and Sliced Tomatoes for dinner. Here are some photos of the process. The recipe is listed above.

The Corn Pie getting ready for the oven.

Here it is just out of the oven. Notice the succulent golden brown crust.

And now, the dinner is plated.

Corn Pie

Sliced Green Zebra Tomato and Red Tomato
Basil Strips and Nasturtium Blossom

2007 Indian Creek Star Garnet Reserve
(This wine just tops off the dinner and goes fantastically well with the acid of the tomatoes)

Please note that the corn was local grown, the pie crust is locally produced, the tomato and basil is from our garden. That makes this a Locovore Dinner. Enjoy! And as it has been said before, Keep a song in your heart, Keep looking up and Cheers!