So after the very, very exciting evening last night in the wind storm – winds peaked at 68mph and the record set on 24 July 1981 was 71 mph – it was time this morning to try some comfort food, sorta! (There was no damage noticed on this house. However, the electric and phone lines may be in jeopardy. I only got a recording at Idaho Power.)

So look at these eggs. Fun to make and I will probably change the procedure as Robin suggested. Bake the potatoes first and not broil them. Enjoy!

Shred 1 large potato. Leave the skins on. Grease (Robin says use bacon grease) the cup cake tins. Place the shredded potatoes in the cup. Press down in the center and bring up along the walls. Add a touch of salt and pepper. Bake off in a 400 degree oven until the potatoes are browned. Remove from oven a let cool slightly. Add some fresh cut chopped chives and fresh picked shredded basil to each cup. Place one egg in each cup. Broil until the eggs are set.

Gently remove each nest from the cups using a flexible, narrow spatula, trying not to break the “nests”. Plate with some un-burned bacon (oops!) and garden fresh sliced tomatoes topped with chopped chives.
These are fun to make and you can do almost anything with the eggs as you wish. Robin likes the soft cooked eggs, so that’s what we had here. I may try a scrambled egg next week with maybe some cooked Country Ham pieces in the egg. Hmmmm. Enjoy!