One thing that Boise has really improved on in the pat 10 years or so, is ethnic foods. Ethnic restaurants and grocery stores. As C. Jeanne Heida says in her post on Associated Content,

“… Boise, Idaho is not known for having a wide range of ethnic grocery stores, and up to about 15 years ago or so, our ethnic food choices were pretty much limited to the “foreign food” aisle of the local grocery store.

Fortunately for Boise, a number of small ethnic markets have sprung up in recent years, providing a wide range of international foods. Since many of these small markets are neither advertised or listed in the Yellow Pages, they can be a little tricky to find.” Robin and I totally agree with this statement! It is great to see these small markets in Boise.

Robin and I visited this shop this morning and found it to be very complete and versatile. Hasmuka Patel has done a great job. The store is located at 6020 W Fairview Ave in Boise. Telephone is (208) 387-0000. I have not found a website for them.

The store is located in the old Bob’s Bicycles – no relation. For some, it might be a little difficult to locate. It tends to sit back off the highway. But, there is plenty of signage, as evidenced in the above photos. This is a photo of the store front.

As you can see from this interior shot, the store has a lot of shelving that is full of product. There is also a space for cooking supplies – pans, steamers, etc. This is just two isles of four, plus end shelves and another room. The products include not only food stuffs, that being the primary emphasis, they also provide incense and some light hardware. An interesting shop that if, you are looking for the East Indian, Asian or Pakistani foods, this should be your first stop. Open 7 days a week from 9:30am until early evening. Cheers!