BSU Blue and Orange Sky
It was a beautiful fall day/evening in Boise, except for the Oregon State fans. Even the sky reflected its support of BSU. Look at those colors! BSU won the football game 37 – 24. But it was a hard fought game for both sides. BSU is now 3 – 0 on the season. Normally, we would watch the game at home. But the hype started at 7:00am here in Boise and went right through 9:00pm. ESPN had the Gameday Program here. So, we decided to watch the game at one of the local bistros.

The Invitationthe Buzz
The Invitation Sign

The cakeBSU Cake

Cup cakesBSU Cup Cakes

Sausage appetizerSausage Appetizer

2007 Petite Sirah2007 Peltier Station Petite Sirah

Tailgate PlatterTailgate Platter

Good food; Good company; Good game! Such a fun time. Hope to see you at the next one! Cheers!