Green Tomato RelishWell, it is that time of year. Parts of Idaho and not far from Boise, have already had their first frost – The elderberries are ready for picking! And the historical first frost in Boise is October 6. Not far away. And with that first frost, we loose our tomatoes. Ours were really good this year and a full crop. But now the evenings are in the low 40’s here and the tomatoes will not do anything but wait for the killing freeze. Time to pick them all and make some Green Tomato Relish. Click the link for the recipe. Thanks Margaret for the green tomatoes you gave us. I picked all that we had and there were many. Green Zebra, Roma, and several different slicing tomatoes. I made a double recipe. The photo is of three out of 35 pints. Fun to do, but far more fun to eat later in the year. Great in Tuna Fish and on Hamburgers. My next task will be to find 7 pounds of cabbage from the Boise Saturday Market and make some Sauerkraut. Yum-O! Pork, Mashed Potatoes and Homemade Kraut. I can taste it now! Cheers!