Tomatillo Green Sauce and Mexican Corn DipThere are still vegetables to use coming from the garden. Tomatillo Green Sauce for one. You know, those little green, sticky “thingys” that are very bitter when eaten raw. But slightly cooked, they make an awesome verde sauce. Great on sliced pork or eggs for breakfast. Try too with chicken. This verde can be used with a lot of dishes.
And then, we have a Mexican Corn Dip. Great with tortilla chips, crackers or on a tomato salad as pictured. Great little story goes with this one. The first time I had some was at an open house at the Idaho Wine Merchant – it was an appetizer. Ed Robertson introduced me to the Chef that made the dip, Rachael Hurd of The Season’s Bistro, 1117 E Winding Creek Dr, Eagle, Idaho. Rachael would not give me the recipe and she still will not. But if I told her I was coming to the Bistro tomorrow, she would have some for me. So, if I want any at home, I had to find a similar recipe and I did!! Even if this recipe is not completely the same as Rachael’s, it is pretty close! It just took me about 6 months or so to make this recipe.
So, there in a nutshell is “… my story and I’m stickin’ to it!” Fun things to make. Fun things to eat. Cheers!