The Grove Fountains, BoiseActually, I went to the Boise Market this morning looking for cabbage. I didn’t find any. The Boise City Market will stay open until Saturday 18 December. Rather I had another market that I frequent and they had it. He asked me, “Making sauerkraut?” I said “Yes.” “That’s why I can’t keep cabbage on the shelves. Everyone is making kraut!” I took his last 4 heads. And I’m glad I went there …. They have fresh huckleberries! Yea, here comes some more Huckleberry Jam. But look at the start of the kraut below. Cheers!

Shredded cabbageThe shredded cabbage with some of the spices

Into the crockSpiced and salted cabbage into the crock!

So there you have the process of making the sauerkraut. Now wait until about November 20th, 7 weeks or so. Turkey with Kraut for Thanksgiving? (Türkei mit Kraut) Keep the kraut covered by the liquid and I have an airtight crock to process it in. Here is The Recipe. Last year, we got many “raves” and “cheers” for this kraut. The main suggestion was to make the shred finer. That I tried to do. We’ll see.