Robin has had several requests for the pasta she made the other night. See the blog post Spinach Pasta and Mushroom Lasagna. So here is her recipe. Good luck and Cheers!

Left – Chantrelle Mushroom and Spinach Pasta
Right – Cremini Mushroom and Spinach Pasta
Pasta con Fungii

Spinach Pasta
1 box frozen chopped spinach thawed – and squeeze almost dry.
[or you could steam and chop fresh spinach = a cup]
3 eggs
blend well in food processor

1 1/2 cups semolina [or all purpose flour]
pour in the center of your bread kneading surface – making a hill.
Make a little volcanic indentation and pour in the spinach/egg mixture
1 Tbsp Olive oil
tsp salt
keep a little warm water nearby if needed

Mix the pasta ingredients with a fork – working from the edges in
I also use a pastry scraper to pile dry flour over the wet center.
Work with your fingers until you can form a ball. Then knead as you would knead bread.
When the pasta pastry is smooth and elastic wrap it in plastic wrap or tinfoil and let it rest for 1/2 to 1 hour.
This allows the gluten to relax and will improve the elasticity for noodle making.

Lasagne fillings
Grated cheeses – about 2 cups – your choice – peccorino romano, parmesano.
Mozzarella or provolone and/or ricotta
Meanwhile chop one onion – sweat it in a saute pan with 1 Tbsp melted butter until translucent.
Add 2 cups cleaned and chopped mushroom pieces – chanterelle, white or brown crimini.
cook until mushrooms give off liquid. Set aside to cool, reserving liquid and a few sliced mushrooms. *

Preheat oven to 350 F.

Warm 3 cups of milk with one bay leaf, end of an onion spiked with a whole clove and some grated nutmeg.
Make a white sauce base roux in a good size pot with 4 Tbs butter and 1/3 cup flour.
Cook over medium heat – stirring until it just begins to brown.
Add hot milk all at once and using a whisk, keep cooking until bechamelia / italian flavored white sauce is as thick as heavy cream.

Get out pasta rolling machine or long rolling pin. Flour to coat work surface and roller blades.
Taking 1/4 of pasta dough Roll out to #4 on machine or about 1/8 inch thick in a rectangular shape.

Using glass bread pans – coat the bottom with some bechamelia sauce.
Layer a piece of pasta cut to fit the bottom of bread pan over the sauce, slotted spoon 1/3 mushroom mix, a layer of grated cheese to cover.
another layer of pasta, ricotta, mozzerella or provolone.
A third layer of pasta, bechamelia, musrooms, grated cheese.
fourth layer of pasta cover with one of the filling cheeses
Fifth layer of pasta, bechamalia, mushrooms
Sixth layer of pasta, bechamelia and grated cheese on the top.

Bake for 45 minutes – let cool a little – slice and serve with a green salad.

* Add reserved mushroom/onion juice to remainder of bechamelia for a wonderful ‘gravy’ over toast