Who is this? Actually, it’s my brother, Alex (love those argyle socks!!), and me in Pilani, India in 1957. Ahhhh. Ok. So what? Just two angelic 14 and 15 year old boys.

Here in Boise, there is one awesome Pizza Shop – Flying Pie Pizza. (There is a hot link in the sidebar of this page.) Still. So what? Every day they have a program called “It’s My Day”. If your name is Robin, Christopher, Connie, Tom, or a thousand other names, it is your day! You get to stop by and make a pizza. From scratch. With guidance. Fresh ingredients. Fun. Fun. Fun! So today, 27 October, the sign said, “If you were in India, it’s your day!” You have to prove it. I did. With this photo and several others. It’s all in fun and it was fun! It was great to have Joe Levitch there with us to celebrate “It’s My Day”. Thanks, Joe. So look at these photos and enjoy. I will explain what kind of pizza I made. You make your choice, within reason!

Joe Levitch, Flying Pie Pizza, Levco Builders and Levco Properties. Joe did the remodel on our kitchen. We are in Flying Pie Pizza on State Street in Boise.

Robin at the Salad Bar.

Filling out the ingredients we want on our pizza. Chimay is a must with pizza!

Ok. Here we go. (Love those dreadlocks!)

Bob preparing the pizza.

And Joe says, “I see you!”

Oh yes, the fire roasted tomatoes.

And what is in this pizza?

It’s My Day Pizza

Original Dough
Flying Pie “Our Famous Red Sauce”
Fresh Basil
Tangy Provolone Cheese
Smoked Gouda Cheese
Italian Salami
Marinated Artichoke Hearts
Fresh Sliced Mushrooms
Sliced Onions
Chunky Pineapple
Fire Roasted Tomatoes

And here is the pizza all cooked and ready to devour!

Thank-You all of the Flying Pie Pizza workers who helped us do this. It was absolutely fun. And we were able to eat our delicious pizza. It was good! Loved those Fire Roasted Tomatoes that gave the pizza a wonderful under tone flavor that added to the overall taste. And Joe, what can we say. Just Thank-You for joining us on our Fun Day! And if you are in Boise or you are going to visit Boise, try the Flying Pie Pizza. You’ll love it. It’s one of the best in the Northwest. Cheers!