“Le Beaujolais nouveau est arrivé!” And that it did at the Le Café de Paris in Boise last night! It’s been a while since we’ve been to the restaurant and it was great to get back. And what a night. But whats all the fuss about a wine? Well, here is some information for you. Enjoy!

Beaujolais nouveau (French pronunciation: [boʒɔlɛ nuvo]) is a red wine made from Gamay grapes produced in the Beaujolais region of France. It is the most popular vin de primeur, fermented for just a few weeks then officially released for sale on the third Thursday of November. This “Beaujolais Day”, or “Beaujolais Nouveau Day” sees heavy marketing from the producers, with races to get the first bottles of the vintage to different markets … Beaujolais Nouveau is intended for immediate drinking, and in general should not be kept for more than a year. On the other hand, it usually benefits from being left a few weeks to recover from the effects of bottle-shock – and in the Northern Hemisphere the weather is more suited to Beaujolais drinking in Spring than in the chill of November. However, this rather misses the point of Beaujolais Nouveau’s “immediacy”, and patient drinkers can buy standard Beaujolais AOC wines released the following year at lower prices without the Nouveau hype. The wines show definite variation between vintages, at worst the wines start to decline after Christmas; wines from a very good year might still be drinking well 12 months later … In the United States, it is promoted as a drink for Thanksgiving, which falls a week after the wine is released. Duboeuf remains the biggest producer of Beaujolais Nouveau; unlike the “flower” labels of his other wines, his Nouveau features a colourful abstract design that changes every year. Duboeuf has silk ties made each year with the label’s abstract design, and releases them through select wholesalers and distributors.” (Wikipedia)

Here are some photos of the dinner we had. Cheers!

Pâté Paysanne
Roasted Brioche, Cornichon, Dijon

Salade Paysanne
Field Greens, Tomato Confit, Poached Egg, Bacon Lardons, Mustard Vinaigrette

Elk Bourguignon
Chantrelle Mushrooms, Cippolini Onions

Sole Meunière
Truffled Risotto, Brussel Sprouts

Crème Caramel

And the really surprising thing was ….. The Beaujolais Nouveau went extremely well with everything. Yes, even the Brussel Sprouts, which, by the way, were awesome! Steamed and then tossed in a butter/horseradish sauce. Yum-O! The elk was so tender, it melted in your mouth. And the pâté was delicious. It was all extremely good. An awesome evening out with Robin. We’ll do it again next year!