Someone – I forget who, now – asked me where to purchase Heirloom Tomato seeds. Well, here is the place. All kinds!! Try The Tomato Fest and they will be able to help you. Here is more information that I received today. Good luck and happy gardening.

Announcing Our
Annual Heirloom Tomato Seed Sale for 2011!

From our online tomato seed catalog of more than 600 tomato seed varieties, we are currently offering you 120 of our most favored heirloom tomato varieties on Sale through January 11, 2011.

Most of the Heirloom Tomato Varieties on sale have been discounted to $2 per pack. That’s almost a 50% discount for most varieties. The sale price for some of our other varieties offers a 30% savings.

This is a perfect time, at the best price, to get your favorite tomato varieties and to try some new varieties too!

The organic tomato seeds on sale are tomato varieties we harvested for the 2011 season.

This year we’ve added more sale items than we have in the past, to respond to difficult times, and to make it easier for folks who are choosing to grow more of their own food.

We recently made the choice to downsize the number of tomato varieties we will be offering in future years, so we harvested as much seed as we could physically manage this year. Consequently, we have more seed than we usually do for some tomato varieties. We want to pass this opportunity on to you.

We suggest that you take advantage of our Tomato Seed Sale to acquire tomato seed for varieties that you will want to grow, even if you do not have the space to grow them this year, because many items may not be offered in the future. Also, we may sell out of some varieties that are very limited or RARE.

If you have a farm or you are associated with a Community Garden, Purchase Heirloom Tomato Seeds In Bulk.

Tomato seeds will last 3-5 years if stored properly. We guarantee the quality of TomatoFest® Garden Seeds.

(Note: The balance of our 600 tomato varieties will be at our regular price and we still require a $15 minimum order. Your order may mix sale items with regularly priced items)

Heirloom Tomato Seed Collections

Give a gift of seeds to your favorite gardeners and would be gardeners to expand their pleasure and sensory delights, in the garden and in the kitchen.

Choose from our selection of 12 Heirloom Tomato Seed Collections!

· Giant Tomato Collection
· Patio Tomato Collection
· Children’s Tomato Collection
· Gourmet Tomato Collection
· Short Season Collection
· Sauce Tomato Collection
· Rainbow Tomato Collection
· Gary’s Favorite’s Tomato Collection
· Cherry Tomato Collection

NEW Cooler Coastal Tomato Collection
NEW Tropical Hot/Humid Collection

TomatoFest – Leaders in Organic Seed

TomatoFest Tomato Seeds have been organic from the start…
when there were only a very few seed sources providing organic seeds.

As consumer attention and demand for healthier treatment of our land and bodies has grown, so too has the movement of many seed providers to offer a selection, if not a complete inventory, of organic seeds for gardeners and commercial farmers.

The world will likely be facing a food crisis in the future. Many of the foods we currently enjoy are disappearing. By choosing to garden and grow some of your own foods you are assuming an important role in an evolving, transformative world consciousness toward a more responsible stewardship of the planet.

Dagma and I encourage you to support the sustainability of our Earth and our crops by supporting individuals and businesses that support this vital movement.

Please encourage your children, family and friends to enjoy the pleasures of seed saving. A healthy food source for our children is asking this of us.

With Gratitude to you, our wonderful customers. Thank You for your ongoing support throughout the years. We are blessed with joy by your notes of appreciation and gardening passion!

Wishing you an abundant harvest! Every Seed A Possibility!

Your Gardening Friends,
Dagma Lacey and Gary Ibsen


Robin and I went to the Tomato Festival in Carmel, CA a few years ago and it was fantastic. They had over 600 varieties of tomatoes for you to try. I made it to about 300. They also had tables set up where the Chefs prepared their dishes solely from tomatoes. So here is your source for tomato seeds. And not at all expensive. Enjoy!!

“…There’s only two things in life that money can’t buy,
True love and Homegrown tomatoes.”
(Guy Clark)