I can’t say there is a whole lot to do on this very lazy Sunday afternoon. The walks are all shoveled from the snow last night, and now, with the sun on them, they are melting off quite well.

But we had a duck the other night and now we have the carcass left over. So Robin found this recipe for duck soup.

Homemade Duck Soup to be exact. The top photo is the soup after cooking for hours. The photo to the left is the soup plated. By the way. The larger green bowl is one of the bowls we bought at the Empty Bowls event by the Idaho Foodbank. It is fitting that there is a bowl of soup in it.

The other thing we had was Veal Osso Buco the other night. Remember from a previous post? Where Robin said she wanted to make veal stock? The photo to the right is the beginning simmer. This just fills the house with the aroma of roasted veal bones and a fragrance of spices and roasted vegetables.

The photo to the right is the veal stock almost done after some 10 hours on a low simmer. Here is the recipe for the Brown Veal Stock.

I think tomorrow I will can most of these two items. Just one note: Both of these recipes take some time to create the end product. But neither one is very difficult, just time consuming. The soup is very hearty and will go well with a Garlic Bread or Dilly Casserole Bread. But then, you don’t have to wait around while it is cooking. Set your heat to a low simmer, and do the laundry or something. The other thing is that these are both awesome dishes and can be kept for a while. The Brown Veal Stock will be great in soup or Osso Buco or something similar. Do enjoy these recipes. Cheers!