So it is lightly snowing. 33 degrees F and essentially no wind. Supposed to maybe change to rain this afternoon. But close to 40 degrees. We’ll see. So I guess the Boise Sourdough Bread that I have made, might be good with beef stew. Might just be good to counter the cold weather! The Taste Test has been made – The bread Passed with flying colors! YUM-O.

But then, we must also eat healthy at a Tailgate Party. How about some mixed Blue and Orange Fruit? (Blue Berries and Mandarin Orange) Use your imagination, please. Gail says, “Sharon–I am Ccing Bob so we can brainstorm what might go with chicken wings, chocolate cake and beef stew…I am wearing lots of warm clothes–expect to look like Michelin Woman.” (Believe me, Gail never looked like the Michelin Woman!) I will have some photos later tonight. Cheers! and GO BRONCOS! BSU 42, Utah 14.