Yessireee Bub! It’s Robin’s Day at Flying Pie Pizzaria tomorrow, Sunday! So what does that mean? She gets to make her own pizza!! And we get to party, Dutch Treat, of course. We will be at the store on State Street in Boise, tomorrow, Sunday at 2:00pm. We have 6 other people coming. We’d love to have you there to join in on the festivities. Maybe even Joe and his family can make it. Maybe Joe? We’d love to see you all there.

If you can, 2:00pm at the Flying Pie Pizzaria, 4320 State Street, Boise – just as the graphic on the left says.

It’s been a pretty good day today – The University of Delaware defeated Georgia Southern for the NCAA Div 1 semifinals and now they go to Texas on 7 Jan 2010 to play Eastern Washington and that should be a great game for the NCAA National Title. And Troy is sticking it to Ohio 43-14 in the 4th quarter. (I thought Ohio had all these Hot-Shot football teams that don’t like to play the “little guys”. See what happens?) Fresno State had their heads handed to them. ): DircTV is back on the air and my phone finally found the satelite. So, if you can make the pizza party tomorow, that will be great, too. Maybe fill the shop? Cheers! And bring your cameras.