As Robin stated in her blog, Vignette, here is the recipe for Pâté Maison Terrine by Mathieu Choux of Le Café de Paris in Boise. This is an awesome pâté. Enjoy it!

Country Pâté
(Pâté Maison Terrine)

Source: Mathieu Choux, Le Café de Paris, Boise

4 lb pork
4 lb pork back fat
4 lb chicken liver
1 cup chopped shallots
½ cup chopped garlic
100g (3.5 oz) salt
50 grams (2 oz) pepper

Grind everything through a meat grinder. Mix everything together.

In a separate bowl mix:
2 eggs
½ quart milk
2 spoons of corn starch
2 spoons heavy cream

Mix both mixtures together. Wrap in plastic wrap and then put in a rectangular mold.
Put the molds in a pan at least 2″ deep. Fill up the pan with water and then put the pan in the oven at 350F. It is cooked when a knife stuck in the middle come out and feels hot to the lip. Usually around 45 minutes for an 8″ long pate

Take out of the oven. Make or buy chicken bouillon, add gelatine leaves (15 per quart)
Remove gently the plastic wrap. Pour chicken bouillon on pate, refrigerate overnight.

Enjoy with bread the next day. Bon Appétit … I hope this is not too confusing …

Have a good Christmas,

Mathieu Choux


Thank-You Mathieu for sharing this recipe. It is really appreciated as this was an awesome treat. Enjoy! We did. For a printable recipe, look here: Pâté Maison Terrine.