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Sauerkraut May Bring the Good Luck We Need
This New Year’s Eve and for 2011!

Eating sauerkraut on New Year’s is an old Pennsylvania Dutch tradition. It’s said to bring good luck. The traditional meal consists of pork and sauerkraut served together, with the sauerkraut representing luck and the pig representing rooting into the New Year.

Visit Sauerkraut Recipes to see a video recipe of the traditional Pork and Sauerkraut dinner.


Here is a Pork mit Kraut recipe from the Sauerkraut Recipes site. Start the New Year right. Enjoy!

Pork and Sauerkraut, New Year’s Good Luck Dinner

Source: Josef Karst of Pittsburgh, PA

5 lbs [bone in] Pork shoulder
4 lbs Snow Floss Sauerkraut, or your home made kraut
1 med Yellow Onion, rough chopped
4 med Apples
2 Bay leaves
1 T Juniper Berries
¼ cup Sugar
1 t Fresh ground white pepper
2 c Dry White Wine
1 c Water
2 T Sea Salt
¼ c Vegetable oil

Split and season the pork shoulder with salt and pepper

Sear the pork shoulder on all sides in the hot oil [use a heavy 2 gallon sauce pot with a heavy tight fitting lid]

Move the seared pork on a platter and sauté the onion in the sauce pot. Add the sauerkraut to the onions, de core the apples and place the apples into the pot. Deglaze all with the white wine, add the sugar, bay leaves and juniper berries. Place the seared pork on top of the sauerkraut and add the cup of water. Cover all with the tight fitting lid and place for 4 hours into a preheated 325ºF conventional oven.

You are almost ready for dinner, set a nice table with fresh German rye bread, mashed potatoes, horseradish and mustard, do not open the lid until everybody sits down!


Oh my! I can smell the kraut cooking and I can taste the sweet/sour taste of the kraut mixed with the potatoes. Smells of my Mother’s kitchen in the cool, fall air. Such a beautiful memory! Cheers!