There have not been many fruitcakes that I have thoroughly enjoyed, but here is one! And besides that, the comments on the recipe are great! This is definitely a Holiday Treat, but be aware that it takes some time to make it properly. Take your time and use a good rum or whatever you choose. Cheers!

Gail Says …. I am going to put this recipe in my Family Cookbook with Robin’s poem included. That is such a super poem—what a talent!

And then there are some great comments by Robin:

Robin´s Comments and Poem: Your Fruitcake is “The Redeemer” of all the fruitcakes I have ever tasted – Yours brings a quality of respectability that resurrects my faith in fruitcake. Yours being an honorable substance – worthy of lingering and analyzing – and then writing at least a salute if not a sonnet.

And here is her poem. It is awesome. Enjoy!

Ode To A Fruitcake
By Robin Young

Fruitcake, fruitcake, oh where have you been all my life?
Handmade maiden friend of a famed critic’s wife.
Golden and cunning with nuts barely tropical,
Aged in the juice of southern Caribbean,
Tender assortment of fruits once dried, now revived.
I know at last why I am glad to be alive!

Oh yes! Here is The Recipe. Thank you so very much Gail for sharing this. It is truely awesome.