Although the fog came in on cat feet and created an eerie glow and a mysterious feeling of quiet, it was great to celebrate the 3rd Birthday of the Buzz! Congratulations to Chisti and Tommy!

Oh yes. Something else. If you need to re-supply your pantry or cookie jar with those scrumptious Girl Scout cookies, and everyone absolutely does need to re-supply your Girl Scout cookie supply, make your way to the Buzz, have Tommy make you a great cup of coffee and a sandwich, ask him for a pen and fill in Bailey’s order form for at least 12 boxes of your favorite case of Girl Scout cookies. That would make Bailey very, very happy. And if Bailey is happy …………. But for now, here is the Birthday Dinner! Thanks Cristi and Tommy for three great years.

2003 Marques De Ulta

Bœuf Bourguignon
risotto with butternut squash and potato leek soup

Chocolate Delight

And the Happy Birthday music was great!