Today was the Opening Day at Salt Tears in the Collister Strip Mall on State Street in Boise! It was great to see Andrea and Mitchell Maricich, although I didn’t see Mitchell there today, back in the restaurant business. And to rate this on opening day is a challenge. But our rating of 4-Stars out of 5 is well worth it. Yes, there are some bugs to fix, but that will be done. And as their advertising says, “… Salt Tears Coffeehouse and Noshery is about community, creativity, quality and comfort. Our cuisine will have a strong focus on straightforward, perfect offerings made by hand with love. Were going back to the basic dining, delicious food, featuring seasonal ingredients using local, natural and organic products whenever possible…” This was definitely achieved. The food was great. The prices were right in line and not over the top. Below are some photos that I took.It shows the openness of the seating, the bright colors and the bistro type ambiance. And Andrea told me that she will send me a schedule of events so that I can post them here. The events will be the same each day of the week, but with different musicians and specials. Look also in the future for wine tastings. Idaho’s own Angie Riff will be doing their in house wine selections. (Left-Click on any photo to get a larger view. The menus are printable.)

An overview of the kitchen area at Salt Tears.

The openness of the restaurant is obvious.

Order at the front desk as you enter. There are daily specials along with their unique menu items.

The general menu. Pricing is good.

The breakfast menu. From what I understand, breakfast is served all day.

12 oz coffee that is delicious!

Roasted Pork Shoulder Sandwich ($6.00)
roasted red onion, Kalamata olives, Dijon cream and greens

Poached Eggs Crostini ($5.00)
wilted spinach, bacon and Parmesan

Breakfast Pizzetta of the Day ($5.00)
scrambled eggs and tomatoes on puff pastry

So as you can see, dining here is an adventure … a good adventure. And look at the pricing of the entrees we had. We wish Andrea and Mitchell the best in their endeavor with Salt Tears. We will be back. (I owe Andrea some Sauerkraut!)