Here is a great Valentine’s Dinner suggestion from the Wednesday February 2, 2011 Komo News in Seattle, Washington. This looks delicious! But first, an article explaining the dinner.

Wine and Whip Cream and Thoughts that Count
Valentine’s Day Sure Thing

TASTE – January 26, 2010

By Teri Citterman

Love it or loath it, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. And like New Year’s Eve, it’s often an expectation waiting to unravel. But take note BOYS! Minimal effort can reap you maximum reward.

This year’s trend is about intimate, at-home dining – where most importantly, the thought DOES count. The year that the German (affectionate tag for my husband) whipped up the inaugural Valentine’s Day dinner, he won points for scallops, which showed sophistication and bacon, which needs no explanation. He sautéed the scallops to butterscotch golden-brown, sprinkled salt, pinched some red pepper, threw in some white wine and whipping cream, added spinach and –Voila!

HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! Unquestionably, when wine and whip cream enter the picture, you’re looking down the barrel of an almost-sure thing. But the personal touch came when he wrapped the little globules with a bacon bow and presented the tiny love packages on a bed of balsamic-dampened mixed greens (yes, I said dampened). And the lettuce was his idea.

Uncork an elegant German Riesling, and the opportunity becomes yours to lose. If your sweetheart is anything like me (issues, and plenty of them), she won’t feel an ounce of remorse eating the little, meaty morsels, which seem more like mushrooms than a shellfish that once frolicked in the ocean. That alone is a thought worth counting. You’ll win her over, and dessert will likely be what’s for breakfast.

Chop chop!

The photo of the dinner above comes from the Komo News website. And so here is the recipe for Four Star Scallops. And try to match the dinner with one of the suggested wines. Good Luck, Guys!! Enjoy dinner.