The Westside Drive-In on W State Street in Boise is going national! (The marquee is correct … the Foodnetwork ad is old.) Tonight on KTVB-TV, they had a segment on the drive-in and Chef Lou Aaron. (I worked 3 seasons for him in his catering section.) Here is that segment and here is a link to The Video of Westside Drive-In. It’s just down the alley from us! Close.

Local chef featured in national business magazine

Posted on February 5, 2011 at 3:40 PM
Updated today at 5:23 PM

BOISE — Chef Lou Aaron, owner of Westside Drive-in in Boise is on the cover of the latest My Business magazine – a magazine that reaches almost a half-million small business owners across America.
Aaron was a part of a larger story that addresses how small business owners use technology in their businesses.
“I’ve tapped into Facebook, and the Blackberry Apps, and the iPhone Apps, or I could send a text to somebody and say hey, ‘Come down to Westside right now and get two bucks off this,'” Aaron said. “And we’re just beginning to experiment with that, and it’s working.”
Aaron said he didn’t expect to be on the cover, but that it is an honor to bring the extra attention to Boise, especially in a time when many small businesses are struggling.
My Business magazine, which is the publication for the National Federation of Independent Business, only goes out to NFIB members.

The article listed by KTVB about Chef Lou in My Business Magazine, is listed here.

NFIB member company Chef Lou’s Westside Drive-In, a 1950s-style drive-thru restaurant in Boise, Idaho, started selling frozen dinners and restaurant souvenirs online about 10 years ago. While online sales only account for about 2 percent of the company’s $1.2 million in annual sales, owner and founder Lou Aaron sees big potential for expanding his operation online—particularly because social media tools make it easier than ever to spread the word about his site. The diner manages a Facebook page, uses mobile marketing to text coupons to customers’ mobile phones, and emails website promotions to a growing list of customers.
It takes an offline effort, too, to drive ecommerce sales. Each order at Aaron’s restaurant comes with a small card informing customers that they can purchase frozen dinners and other souvenirs online, and Aaron makes sure all print, radio and TV ads mention his Web address, He hosts a Saturday morning cooking show on his local NBC affiliate and mentions his Web address so that viewers will check it out.
Aaron plans to soon sell spices and pre-made sauces online and says he will try to get local media coverage to drum up interest. “Everybody goes online now” to shop, he says. “We need to be there, too.”

Our congratulations to Chef Lou, the Westside Drive-In and the staff that serves us so well. Cheers and hope to see you here sometime.