Back on January 17, 2011, we visited Salt Tears on their opening day. As I stated in that Blog Post, we would return to do a re-take on our experience. At that time, we rated Salt Tears a 4-Star restaurant.

Robin and I did return on March 11 and the earlier rating, in our opinion, was correct and we will keep it a 4-Star restaurant.
I had their House Roasted Turkey Salad Sandwich with Cilantro, Pumpkin Seeds and a Honey and Lime Vinaigrette. It was wonderful! I also had their Potato Salad. Differently good. Robin had Sweet Onion and Bacon Pierogis with Sour Cream. This too was good. We each had a cup of their Carrot and Roasted Cumin Soup. It was very tasty. We urge you to look at Their Website – their card in the sidebar is also hot linked – to look at their menus  and to try their fare. They also have a wonderful breakfast. They are working on a liquor license, so that will come in time. There is a wide selection of other beverages available now.
And it this time, I will say that it was good to see the restaurant full! We were there at 1:30pm and there were just a few seats available. We asked about this crowd and they told us that the noontime hours are usually full. The breakfast hours are the next most attended and the evening mealtime the least attended. They have Wifi, so you can take your laptop. Go to Salt Tears and enjoy yourselves and have some light refreshment or a full meal. Support our local businesses. We will definitely return. Cheers!