Last year, we were invited by friends Gail and Bob Parker to join them and their family at a St Patrick’s Day Dinner. All the trimmings – Corned Beef, Cabbage, Potatoes and a host of other things to eat and drink. We were asked to bring Irish Soda Bread. Evidently, it was OK, because this year, we have been invited to join them again. So here, again, is our offering.

Irish Soda Bread getting very happy in the oven. (It is 2:48pm MDT and this just came out of the oven. YUM-O!)

And this year, we are also bringing a wonderful slightly sweet Sally Lunn Bread from the Smitten Kitchen site – there is a hot link in the side bar to the site. And to quote the Smitten Kitchen, “… It tastes like a light brioche but involves less butter, fewer eggs and significantly less of a time commitment.
Like any food story worth tucking into, the story of Sally Lunn Bread comes with drama over its origins — Was it originally made by Protestant refugees, who called them “soleil et lune” or sun and moon cakes? Was it named for Solange Luyon, a pastry cook in Bath, England who for decades sold these buns on the street? Was knowing how to bake it truly essential to being a successful housekeeper, as this 1884 book, suggests?”


So there you have the starter of what will be a great evening with friends. We will tip one for you also! See you later with “… The rest of the story!” Cheers!