The Le Café de Paris’s original post said that, “April brings us to the northeast for a tour through Champagne, France for “French Region Night”. Known in particular for the sparkling white wines it produces, which also bear it’s name, it is one of the most fascinating and beautiful areas of France to visit. To celebrate this region we [hosted] a four-course dinner on Thursday, April 21 utilizing champagne in almost every course. This very decadent menu [was only] $39/person … Pop open a bottle of bubbly, and join us…” Now look at the following photos and see what constitutes a “… decadent menu”. Mathieu and his crew have done it again! No wonder we keep going back. This was a super special dinner. Salut!

Louis Pedrier Brut

cinnamon, light, not bold like the vouvray

Sparkling Vouvray (Not pictured)
Grassy, bold, vanilla, straw, slightly tart

We had both of these and they went very, very well with the meal!

Huîtres Sur La Demi-Coquilles
(Oysters on the Half Shell)
Champagne Gelee

These were awesome. Such a delightful “taste of the sea”. Fresh and succulent.

(Leek tart)
puff pastry crust, gruyere

Salad Greens
oil and vinegar vinaigrette

Coq au Champagne
(Champagne Marinated Chicken)
fava beans, pearl onions, morel mushrooms

Moroccan “style” sauce. It had those unique flavors. A Grenache wine would go great with this chicken.

(Raspberry Almond Cake)
fig compote, housemade chantilly