We found this salad dressing at Sushi Joy – Chinese and Japanese Cuisine in Boise, and we do really like it. It is a pretty easy dressing and gives a salad a unique Asian or Japanese – Chinese flavor. I have arbitrarily named it Asian Salad Dressing and you can get a copy of it by following the link. We made a seafood salad – salad shrimp, crab, Romaine lettuce and tomato – and then used this dressing. The restaurant also uses a very similar dressing on their House Salad, which is simply lettuce and tomatoes. When we asked for the recipe they smiled, and said “Mayonnaise and lemon juice.” We said, “And sesame oil and ginger?” The owner just smiled and nodded. I love it when they do that. Now we have to figure out the amounts. It took three tries, and the third time, “Eureka! We found it!” Give it a try and see what you think. Cheers!