Wow! What a weekend. All we did was eat and have wine, with a Mint Julip – more Julip than Mint – thrown in just for spite. We went to Meredith Nelson’s Graduation Party and to the Seasons Bistro party on Saturday. Then today we went to here to Salt Tears and tonight we are going to Sushi Joy!
And then I look out the window and up to the top of the mountains – 15 miles from us – and I see snow falling. They can keep it there. Just raining down here. So here are some photos from the Salt Tears Mother’s Day Brunch this afternoon. They were “slam dunked” and did not expect the crowds that came. I think that is great to have such a crowd. They were lined up out the door at one time. They had to struggle to keep up on food delivery at the buffet table. But all was extremely good and worth the short wait for refills. Good time to catch up on the Mimosas they were serving. It was great to meet Rick Dean, President/CEO of Moxie Java International and his family. Look for his link in the sidebar. Look at these photos. Cheers!

The music was good. A nice blend of titles and rhythms.

See the 4-Handed violin player?

They had a full house!

Here is a Goat Cheese Torte, Bacon and Sausage offering.

A great vegetable offering. I think the asparagus were “cooked” in their pickle marinade. They were really good!

And a plated selection. They also had a variety of scrambled eggs, toasts and breads.