On May 10, 2011, the Buzz Coffee and Wine in Boise held another fantastic monthly Wine Club Dinner featuring wines from the Santa Rita Winery in Chile. The wines were good as was the dinner of Chilean inspired dishes – some of the recipes taken directly from the wineries web page. To quote some information on the Santa Rita Winery, “Santa Rita was named Value Brand of the Year 2010 in the June issue of the distinguished US wine magazine Wine and Spirits, which honored the company for having one of the best price/quality ratios among wineries worldwide.” The following photographs of the dinner selections and discussion on the wines is a testament to the evening. My scores are in [20], twenty being the highest. The scores were really grouped tightly. Cheers!

Cristie’s Choice
2008 Tapeña Garnacha
13.0% alc, $12.00, celery, tar, tobacco [14]

2009 MontGras Reserva Sauvignon Blanc
13.5% alc, $12.00, bright and crisp, [19]

The people at our table:
Ed, Joe, Mary, Mazie (Jan) and Robin


Crab Casserole
2005 Santa Rita Reserve Chardonnay
14.1% alc, $14.00,not quite bold enough for the crab, [14]

Spicy Slaw
2010 Santa Rita 120 Sauvignon Blanc
13.5% alc, $10.00, good flavors but the spices out shined the wine, [14]

Cebiche with Dill Sauce
2008 Santa Rita 120 Merlot
13.5% alc, $10.00, good balance and went well with the cebiche, [17]

Baked Chilean Pork Ribs
Chile Mashed Potatoes
Tangy Marinated Tomatoes
Zesty Corn Salad
2008 Santa Rita Reserve Carmenere
13.5% alc, $14.00, outstanding with this dinner plate, held up well [18]

Summer Fruit Crostata
2007 Santa Rita Medalla Red Cabernet Sauvignon
14.0% alc, such a delight with this dessert, [18]

The scores of these wines reflects the grouping of the wine flavors and the consistant quality of the wines. But remember, wine judging is a very subjective activity … What I like, you may not. That’s why there is more than one type of wine. Cheers!