On the evening of June 19th, Father’s Day, we went to the Quarterly Wine Dinner at the Buzz Bistro here in Boise! And it was a wonderful meal! Most of the recipes, I think, came from Debbie’s favorite cookbook, Cooking Light – Cooking Light Mix and Match. She said that this book is available either from Walmart or Costco for about $29.00. If the meal tonight was any indication, it might be a good book for your library of cook books. And then, Cristie and Debbie did an awesome job of matching the wines to the food presented. I found myself, which is good, rating the wines as to how they went with the meal. So the scores [20] may represent the wine/food relationship more than just how the wine was. One should always have food with wine, so this just may be one of my better scorings. At any rate, here are the photos of the meal and the wines we had with each course. Cheers!

Grilled Shrimp with Garlic

2009 La Joya Carmenere 14.5% alc, [17], $14.00
good with the shrimp and the thyme, chocolate and black cherry

2010 Jack Riesling 12.9% alc, [17], $14.00
pear on the nose and lemon, emphasizes the thyme

Cold Summer Soup
honeydew melon, cucumber, green onion, celery, Greek yogurt, parsley, vinegar, sugar, lemon juice

2010 Alamos Torrentes, 13.5% alc, [18], $13.00
great paring with the soup

2010 Jean-Luc Columbo Rose, 12.0% alc, [16], $14.00
did not have the same paring attributes as the Torrentes

Grilled Apple Salad

2009 Fat Bastard Shiraz 13.5% alc, [16], $13.00
salad overpowered the wine, deep red pepper and mint

2010 Apaltagnua Chardonnay (Chile) 14.0% alc, [18], $13.00
lemon on the nose, went well with the salad

Tuscan Lemon Chicken
Grilled Potatoes
Spicy Tomato and Aioli Grilled Vegetables

2007 Niner Sangiovese, 14.9%alc, [17], $20.00
2007 Mossback Cabernet Sauvignon, 13.7% alc, [18], $22.00
Ninkasi Beer [18]
Nigera Medala [19]
The beers took the show with this chicken plate. An awesome entree!

Guy Fieri’s S’mores Pizza

2007 Brazin Zinfandel (Old vine Lodi, CA) 15.0% alc, [17], $17.00
definitely a zin, big, bold and good with the chocolate

2009 Maritson Zinfandel (Dry Creek) 15.1% alc, [18], $26.00
absolutely superb with the chocolate

Interesting that Cristie added some beer varieties in with this Quarterly Dinner. And great choice. The beers, in my opinion, went so much better with the chicken and the vegetables than the wine did. A great party!