On Saturday June 25, we were honored to be invited to Patrick’s 83rd Birthday Party at Ishtar Market and Restaurant, a Middle East bakery and grocery, in Boise. Such a treat! Thank-You Barbara for inviting us. The company was great and the food was good. The only drawback was that the kabobs were a little dry. The flavors, however, hit the mark, especially the salads and humus. Look at these photos of some of the food we had. My Arabic is poor, so please don’t ask what the names of these dishes are. A real Middle East feast and party. Enjoy!

Barbara and Patrick. Happy Birthday, Patrick!

An awesome eggplant dish is in the front.


A great Cucumber Salad, a real Mediterranean salad – refreshing.

Stuffed Grape Leaves.

Here is another really awesome salad, called Fatoosh Salad and it is typically a Lebanese dish. (Thanks Michael Boss for the information.) I probably could have eaten just the salads and the humus with their own fresh baked breads. Yum-O!

This platter is called Ishtar and is a small sample of what they have to offer.

Really a great treat for dinner. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good change for dinner tonight. It is interesting to see how the food types could generally be called Mediterranean in style, but the preparation and cooking is local to the Chef’s area, in this case, Baghdad. A fun time.