This is not Monday. It is Tuesday. But on Meatless Monday we did have, sorry there is no photo –

Grilled Talapia with Cucumber Lemon Sauce
Fresh Corn
Fresh Broccoli
1983 Mercurey Clos des Barraults

Pretty good for a Meatless Monday. But then tonight, we pushed the thresh hold with chicken and prociuto. Here is a photo and the menu –

Chicken Stuffed
Prociuto and Lacy Swiss Cheese
in a 
Cucumber Lemon Sauce

Garden Fresh Steamed Broccoli

Garden Fresh Yellow and Red Tomato Salad
Garden Fresh Sauteed Red Onion

2010 Tertulia Cellars Viognier

It was fun to make after a day re-designing part of the backyard. Cheers!