It was great to be part of the Treasure Valley Food Coalition program last night, Dinner and a Movie. (The movie never arrived!) It was a great discussion night and hearing what others are doing in regards to their own sustainability. I.E., raising backyard chickens and writing a book about chickens. Creating hydroponic gardens so as to have fresh vegetables all winter. Backyard, frontyard, alley and raised bed gardens. Look in the sidebar for the link to the Treasure Valley Food Coalition.

And once again, it was great to have the Red Feather Lounge in Boise providing a fantastic, locally produced dinner for us. Look at the photos below for the wonderful entrees we had.

Broccoli Soup

Buffalo and Vegetable Pasta

Mixed Local Fruit with Whipped Cream

And to slightly change the subject, we read in the August 24 – 30, 2011 issue of the Boise Weekly an article named Bye Bye Mystery Meat – Farm to School program brings local produce to cafeterias. The article, written by Tara Morgan starts off by stating that:

If you grab a plastic tray and shuffle through an Idaho school lunch line this fall, things will look a bit different than you might remember. In addition to whole grain pasta and brown rice, you’re also likely to find a Healthy Choices salad bar and bright posters advertising “incredible edible Idaho” grapes or honey.

“More than 70 percent of our schools in Idaho are serving locally grown food, but nobody knows about it,” said Heidi Martin, Idaho State Department of Education Child Nutrition Programs coordinator.

Read the entire article so that you are not one of the people that do not know about the schools in Idaho using locally produced products. That’s what the Treasure Valley Food Coalition and the Sustainable Community Connections (Links in the sidebar) is all about – to use locally produced agricultural products at home, in the school systems and in locally run restaurants. The Red Feather Lounge is but one of the restaurants in town that really advertise the use of local products. See their link in the sidebar or above. Cheers and Think Local please, whether you are in Boise, Twin Falls, Moscow, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta or wherever.