There is a story in the Idaho Statesman by Patrick Orr entitled Patrick Orr: 10 Barrel Brewing coming to Boise?. Follow the link to read the full story. But here is a teaser from the article.

“We are thinking about Boise, I can say that,” Wales said, confirming 10 Barrel is the business that has discussed the 9th and Bannock property with the Idaho Department of Lands. “We are looking at a few different cities. We just love the city (Boise). We like the vibe.
“We like the proximity to Bend. We like the size of (Boise). The site is Downtown, and it’s close to the North End. We think there could be a good lunch business. We just really like everything about it.”
Boise has two brew pubs (TableRock and The Ram) in the Downtown area already, but neither is in the core. I really like the idea of a new unique brew pub in the middle of Downtown, and how it would be close to 8th Street and Basque Block restaurant nexuses but expand that area to the west, where it would be across the street from Yen Ching.

Let’s cross our fingers that 10-Barrel Brewing comes to Boise. They offer some fantastic IPA’s. Be sure to follow the link above to read the full article. It is really informative. Cheers!