Such a great Labor Day! Beautiful weather: 86 degrees and winds NNW at 10mph. I started out this morning at 5:30 am smoking the ribs, finding the wine request from Robin, making Potato Salad and making Baked Beans. The photo at the left shows the plated dinner.

And to top this off, we had a light 2006 Parma Ridge Vineyards Zinfandel. It was not big and bold as is a Ravenswood Winery Zinfandel, but it went very well with the ribs and did not overpower them. I think this was Parma Ridges first vintage year for a Zinfandel. I’m glad we had some in the cellar.

And as for the ribs: Smoked over Hickory for 2 1/2 hours at 230 degrees F; Transferred to 250 degree F oven for 5 hours. Look at the smoke layer in this photo. It is the pinkish to dark pink layer just below the skin. And if we’re lucky, we’ll see some tomorrow at a meeting we must go to. These ribs are wonderful cold!

Just the start to a very busy week. Our daughter is getting married Saturday. Labor Day today; Meeting tomorrow; Salmon Feed Thursday evening; Bachelor Party Thursday night; Out-Of-Town folks coming in Thursday; Rehearsal Dinner Friday; Wedding Saturday! And sometime I have to get my bike ride(s) in! Wish I was retired. OH! I am! Cheers!