October 12th is Marnie’s birthday, but because both she and Mac have to work, she decided to have her dinner this past Sunday. One of the few days this week that we could see the sun and were able to sit outside without getting wet from the rain. So Mac made BBQ BabyBack Ribs that were really tender and juicy- Great!

Robin and I put together this platter of slice Fall tomatoes. Dixie Golden Giant – the gold tomatoes; A very large orange beefsteak that produces fruit very well. 1 – 1.5 pound tomatoes are great for slicing or diced in salads or salsa. Aunt Ruby’s German Green – the green tomatoes that are really sweet; A sweet delicious flavor with a hint of spice. 12-16 ounce fruits have a light green skin with a dark green interior when fully ripe. These look great when sliced on a plate with some dark red tomatoes and Black Krim – the deep, almost blood red, red tomato; Another black variety …fruits are a super dark red with greenish tops. Sweet and tasty flavor. All of these are Heirloom tomatoes and they are awesome. Sprinkle a little fresh chopped basil on them with some coarse sea salt and that could be dinner!

Bob made Corn Pie – Marnie’s favorite summer dish from the last of the corn. Here is everything plated. It was a scrumptious dinner. For Dessert Marnie got a Key Lime Pie and a Banana Cream Pie. Add to that a cup of good coffee, and ………. well, you get the idea. Happy Birthday, Marnie!! Thanks to Margaret and Chris for joining us.