A wonderful evening at the Buzz exploring the wines of the Colchagua Valley of Chile and the Mont Gras Winery. Overall, a high scoring wine dinner and wines. There are not many times I give a wine a score of [20] out of [20], but the wine pictured to the left is one of those. A rich, deep purple cab and wonderful bouquet of spice, pepper and huge cherry. Long lasting without the “barbs” of some cabs. This was an awesome wine. Enjoy the photos and our dinner. Especially look at the Tommy’s Meatloaf below and my comments.

Runza Pockets
(Originally an old German dish that was adopted by the settlers in the Mid-West, Nebraska. It is a meat and cabbage filled yeast roll.)

2007 Mont Gras Quatro
14.5% alc, [18], $18.00
A good wine that went very well with the cabbage of the Runza Pocket. 

Ice Berg Salad
ice berg lettuce, cucumber, grape tomato, carrots, ranch dressing

2010 Mont Gras Reserva Sauvignon Blanc
13.5% alc, [15] [19], $14.00
Interesting thing about this wine. Look at the double score! In my opinion, don’t even think of drinking this without food, the [15] score. This wine went superbly with the Ranch Dressing of the salad and the raw onion, the [19] score. Just goes to show you: Drink wine with food!!!

Wild Rice Soup

2009 Mont Gras Reserva Carmenere
14.5% alc, [17], $14.00
Sorry but a carmenere is not one of my favorite wines. But still a good score.

Tommy’s Meatloaf
Scalloped Potatoes
Green Beans
Herb Biscuit
(This meatloaf, Tommy’s Meatloaf, is awesome. Joe Swan, Swan Vineyards, Forrestville, CA., once made the comment that you can not get a good meatloaf at any restaurant. I am sorry he did not get this one. Usually one compares the meatloaf that Mom made with one made in a restaurant. Tommy’s Meatloaf is very close and I suggested that they put it on the menu along with the Scalloped Potatoes. An awesome plate and it went extremely well with the wine!!!)

2009 Mont Gras Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon
14.5% alc, [20], $14.00
This wine is superb! See the description above. Think about having it with a meatloaf, beef or lamb, or a Rib-Eye or standing rib roast. Wow!

Apple Pie Ala Mode

2009 Mont Gras Bicentennial 200
14.5% alc, [19], $18.00
Another superb job of pairing a wine with the food. Cristi has done an excellent job and we look forward to the next Wine Dinner at the Buzz! You should also! See you at the next Buzz Wine Club Dinner.