Among my several blogs I read, here is an article from Snooth – Find Better Wines about the right wine(s) to serve with red meat. This can, at times, be very controversial. Here is but one discussion on the subject,

“The holidays are a time for sharing and celebrations, so it’s just natural that we want to create something special for the table. Large roasts and premium cuts of meat are often the centerpiece of holiday meals, and rightly so. They’re relatively easy to prepare and serve to hordes of hungry friends and family.

Just as we think carefully about the cut of meat and method of preparation that would best suit our event, we also need to consider what wine might work best. Ultimately, there is no one singular wine that is definitively the best with any one recipe, but there are certain styles of wine and attributes of grape varieties that make for more pairings that work.

Check out these great, festive recipes and see if you agree with the wines I’ve chosen for each. Hopefully, I can inspire you to make this holiday meal one of your best ever!”

To read the full article, Click Here. Enjoy and have a great Holiday Season full of great wines and great food and superb friends! Cheers!