I just received this information about the Boise Food Truck Rally from Sheila. If you need or want more information, contact Sheila direct. Her information is listed below. Enjoy!

Hi Bob,

Thanks for posting on the Food Truck Rally Facebook page! I’m glad you found us!

The next food truck rally is going to be at the corner of Chinden and Maple Grove. This is Brown Shuga’s regular spot so I thought it would be nice to come to her for a change. The rally is from 5-9pm.

Food Trucks include:

Archie’s Place
Brown Shuga Soul Food
B 29 Streatery
A Cupcake Paradise
Beer by Payette Brewing

Live music to be announced later.

I will be adding an additional truck but have not been able to confirm details. Once I have that, I will be posting on the facebook wall. Facebook is the rally’s only means of communication as of now because it is relatively new. I will try to update you once I have more information.

We are aiming to have a rally the second Friday evening (5-9pm) of every month with the location changing every month.

Thanks again for reaching out and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Sheila Francis
Payette Brewing Company
Director of Marketing and Events

This looks interesting. Keep us informed, Sheila, and I will post the information here.