Here’s a thought. Do you like lamb? Are you in the Los Angeles area? You might want to try this event. Here’s an excerpt from their site Food GPS:

On Monday, February 20, Food GPS presents the inaugural Lamb Showdown. It’s Walter Manzke from upcoming République and Factory Baking Company vs. Zach Pollack and Steve Samson, the chefs and co-owners of Sotto. Guests will enjoy a six-course meal, with the talented chefs going head-to-head on four savory courses featuring American lamb, and two desserts starring sheep’s milk dairy. Every diner gets a vote on which chef delivers the boldest flavor, most originality, and best presentation. The winning chef earns $500, and of course greater glory.

The American Lamb Board is sponsoring the lamb as part of Lamb Lovers Month. Eagle Rock Brewery will be pouring three beers for each guest throughout the course of the dinner.

Oh well, it’s just a thought, as I sit here drooling. Maybe Boise could have an event such as this. Especially since Boise has the largest Basque population in the country. A Boise Basque Lamb Cook-Off. There is a lot of lot of locally raised lamb available in this area. And we also have some excellent micro-breweries in Boise. Just think of the delicious dishes that could be prepared. I can smell it now. (It must be dinner time. Never write in a food blog or go shopping when you are hungry!)